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List of invited talks


  • Jiro Temmyo (Shizuoka University, Japan): Material and device aspects of MOCVD ZnO 
  • Yasushi Nanishi (Ritsumeikan University, Japan): Recent Progress and challenges of InN and related alloys for device applications
  • Tomás Palacios (Massachussets Institute of Technology, USA): High power high frequency AlGaN-GaN HEMTs 
  • Daisuke Ueda (Panasonic Corp, Japan): III-N Power Electron Devices
  • José Millán (IMB-CNM-CSIC, Spain): Power Electronics for a rational use of energy
  • Volker Cimalla (IA Freiburg, Germany): MEMS for harsh environments 
  • Shinichi Takagi (Univ. Tokio, Japan): III-V semiconductor channel MOS Device technologies on Si CMOS platform
  • Steve Ringel (Ohio State Institute, USA): Solar cells using metamorphic substrates
  • Eric Tournié (Univ. Montpellier, France): Sb-based MID-Infrared Lasers
  • Rudolf Hey (Paul Drude Institute, Germany): THz quantum cascade lasers
  • Antonio Gnudi (Univ. Bologna, Italy): Graphene-based high-performance nanoelectronic devices
  • Takao Someya (Univ. Tokyo, Japan): Large-area Electronics using printed organic transistors
  • Chris Ford (Univ. Cambridge, U.K.): Novel designs for quantum computers using moving quantum dots
  • Philippe Dueme (Thales Group, France): Integrated Circuits in GaN Technology: an European perspective
  • Dimitris Pavlidis (Univ. Darmstadt, Germany): Energy harvesting using semiconductors