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Year Conference/Title Authors

Luminescence properties of GaP1-xNx alloys grown on nominally (001)-oriented GaP-on-Si substrates by chemical beam epitaxy
K Ben Saddik; P Álamo; J Lähnemann; R Vokov; N I Borgardt; T Flissikowski; O Brandt; B J García; S Fernández-Garrido

New Insights into Upgraded Metallurgical Grade Silicon Wafers through Lifetime Spectroscopy
Catalán-Gómez S; Dasilva-Villanueva N; Marrón DF; del Cañizo C

Rodrigo Guedas García; José Luis Prieto Martín

Gallium nanoparticles for improved III-V solar cells
S. Catalán

Permalloy nanodome surfaces on PEEK/TiO2 vertical nanotubes composites
C. Martín-Rubio, A. Rivelles, M. Schneider...

Design of a portable susceptometer based on magnets
Alejandro Rivelles, Maria Del Mar Sanz, Marco Maicas...

Topological effects in different magnetic spin ice geometries
A. Parente, M. Abuín, A. Rivelles...

FORC analysis in arrays of interacting nano dots
A. Rivelles, M. Abuín, M. Maicas...

Simu-D: A Monte Carlo simulator-descriptor suite for polymer-based systems under extreme conditions
Miguel Herranz, Daniel Martínez-Fernández, Pablo M. Ramos...

Enhanced radiative efficiency in GaN nanowires grown on sputtered TiNx
T Auzelle; M Azadmand; T Flissikowski; M Ramsteiner; K Morgenroth; C Stemmler; S Fernández-Garrido; S Sanguinetti; H T Grahn; L Geelhaar; O Brandt

Coupling of localized surface plasmons to intersubband transitions in CdO/GaAs
Hierro A; Martinez Castellano E; Tamayo-Arriola J; Gonzalo A; Stanojevi? L; Ulloa JM; Klymov O; Yeste J; Agouram S; Muñoz E; Muñoz-Sanjose V; Montes Bajo M; Hierro A

Feasibility of Using NiCu/FeCo Coupled Bi-segmented Nanowires as In-line Writing Heads for 3D Racetrack Storage Devices.
VM Andrade; S Caspani; A Rivelles; S Bunyaev; VO Golub; JP Araujo; GN Kakazei; C Sousa; MP Proenca