Ultra-precision disc cutters, diamond scriber and profilometer

High precision cutter

cortadora 1
cortadora 2

Kulicke & Soffa Precision Dicing System Mod. 780

Perfilómetro Alpha-Step

Profiler Alpha-Step

Scriber de diamante Karl Suss

 Diamond scriber Karl Suss

Polishing machine

Máquina de pulido

Struers LaboPol-4 polisher with LaboForce-1 rotary arm.

  •  Equipped with SiC sandpapers and cloths for diamond compound up to 250 nm, in the finest case.
  •  Maximum speed of disk rotation: 150 rpm. Maximum force on the sample: 20 N.
  •  It allows the thinning of materials and its polishing for experiments in which it is necessary to inject light into the material.