14th European Molecular Beam Epitaxy Workshop

5-7 March 2007

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The European Workshop on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) traditionally covers the whole spectrum of activities related to the MBE growth technique, as well as its applications. Growth issues on a wide variety of semiconductors, metals, superconductors, magnetic and organic films will be included, as well as the characterization techniques applied to them. Device applications represent a key aspect of this Workshop, so that, participants from Industries represent a substantial added value.

The European MBE Workshop, with a biannual periodicity and lasting three days, includes plenary oral presentations, as well as regular oral and poster contributions, with an approximate number of attendees around 150. This Workshop, that started 25 years ago in Germany (1st European Workshop on MBE, Stuttgart, Apr. 1981), stands as one of the most renown and prestigious scientific meetings on MBE. The previous Workshop edition in Switzerland (Grindelwald, March 2005), was very succesful, both, from a participation viewpoint, and for the high quality standards reached.

A very relevant aspect of this Workshop is to promote the participation of PhD students and young researchers, so that, special efforts are committed to maintain a low fees rate for them.

The coming edition of this Workshop will take place in Sierra Nevada, a well known skiing resort in Granada, Spain, which is also around 50 miles away from the mediterranean coast. This Workshop will be organized by the Polytechnical University of Madrid. We do hope that all researchers related to MBE will have the chance to attend this Workshop and to enjoy both science and the natural environment of this unique resort.

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