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La Casona del Pinar is a holidays resort in San Rafael, a village beneath the mountains, 30 km away from Segovia, and also close to El Escorial and Ávila. It is conveniently located only 60 km from Madrid and its international airport.

The cultural program will include a visit to Segovia, an antique World Heritage city symbolized by the impressive 2000 y.o. Roman aqueduct. But in Segovia you can also discover its majestic Alcázar, its Gothic cathedral, its Romanesque churches, its Mudejar architecture, its medieval walls, its narrow streets, its splendid palaces. It has been and it is the meeting point of cultures throughout the millennia: Iberian, Roman, Arabic, Jewish and Christian. See the following links for a visit to Segovia: "Infosegovia"(Spanish), "Ciudades Patrimonio"

This year Segovia will be the site for the last edition of “Las Edades del Hombre” (Mankind Ages, in Spanish). This is a worldwide known exhibition that gathers works of art from painting and sculpture, to valuable tapestry and furniture.

Segovia, known by its unique light, is to be visited in order to enjoy this long time honored city. Without forgetting its fires, where the ancient recipes of stews and roasts, together with the nearby produced wines -Ribera, Rioja, Rueda and Toro- will be ready to delight all participants in HETECH.


Weather at San Rafael in October is usually mild. However, due to its situation (in the north side of the mountain) ocassional rain can appear as well as windy and fresh days (cold nights). Just in case, an umbrella and a pullover are recomended. Follow this link for weather info at Segovia,Spain.


San Rafael can be reached from Madrid by train and bus.

Trains depart from "Estación de Nuevos Ministerios", which can be reached from Barajas airport, directly by metro or by taxi.

For metro information follow this link: "Metro Madrid" and look for "Best journey" link to obtain detailed info. One way ticket is 1.10 €.

You can also take a taxi from Barajas airport to "Estación de Nuevos Ministerios". To ask for a receipt say "Un recibo, por favor". Please, take care about to get a taxi at the official taxi stop (you'll see the taxi queue), located just on the curb outside the terminal. Travel costs around 20 €.

Table I contains information about train departing hours from "Estacion de Nuevos Ministerios" to San Rafael, and Table II from San Rafael to "Estacion de Nuevos Ministerios". Look for train "R2 - Madrid - Segovia". Moreover, you can follow this link (in Spanish) to obtain complete info about trains from Madrid to Segovia

Table I


MADRID - NM 6:09 8:09 10:08 12:08 14:08 15:08 16:08 18:09 20:08
VILLALVA DE G. 7:00 9:00 10:57 12:57 14:57 15:57 16:57 18:57 20:57
CERCEDILLA 7:27 9:23 11:21 13:21 15:20 16:23 17:21 19:22 21:23
TABLADA - - 11:26 - - - - 19:27 -
SAN RAFAEL 7:46 9:38 11:36 13:36 15:34 16:33 17:31 19:35 21:43

Table II

SAN RAFAEL 6:24 7:24 9:23 11:23 13:23 15:21 17:17 19:21 21:21
TABLADA - - 9:30 - - - 17:24 - -
CERCEDILLA 6:37 7:37 9:35 11:35 13:35 15:33 17:35 19:33 21:35
VILLALVA DE G. 7:00 8:00 9:58 11:58 13:58 15:58 17:58 19:58 21:58
MADRID - NM 7:43 8:43 10:42 12:42 14:42 16:42 18:42 20:42 22:41


To go by bus to San Rafael, you should get "La Sepulvedanda" (Paseo de la Florida, 11. Metro station "Principe Pio" see Metro) or by Taxi (around 30 €). Next table shows Timetable or you can check the complete timetable at La Sepulvedanda web page (in Spanish). 

Mon-Fri 7:45  8:00  11:00  13:30  15:00  16:00 17:00 18:15 18:15 19:00 19:45 21:00 22:30 
Saturday 7:45  8:00  11:00  15:00  17:00 20:00 21:00 22:30           
Sunday 8:00 9:30 11:00  15:00  17:00 20:00 21:15 22:30           

To reach "La Casona" from San Rafael, or even from Madrid by car, you can follow this map instructions or take a taxi from bus or train station (1.5 Km from La Casona)

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