12th European Workshop on Heterostructure Technology


Invited Lectures
Call For Papers
Important Dates
Steering Committee
Local Arrangements
The Venue

Scientific Program available!!

  • Advanced growth techniques and materials
    • Wide bandgap materials (SiC, GaN, diamond)
    • Heterostructures based on SiGe, GaAs, InP, GaN
    • Magnetic materials and structures
    • New electronic materials (polymers, molecular electronics)
    • Bio-materials technologies
  • Processing technologies
    • Lithography and nanometer patterning
    • Contact technologies
    • Wet and dry etching and damage
    • Passivation and reliability
    • Technologies for 3-D structures
    • Nanotechnology
  • Devices and Applications
    • High power and high temperature electronics
    • High speed and low voltage devices
    • Optoelectronic devices and systems
    • Sensor/actuator technologies
    • Micro and nano-systems (MEMS, MOEMS, NEMS)
    • Organic devices
    • Bio-inspired devices and systems
  • New or speculative ideas are welcomed !!

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