FTIR spectrometer ( VIS, IR) Nicolet Magna ir 760

Espectrómetro FTIR (VIS, IR) Nicolet Magna IR 760
Magnetómetro de muestra vibrante (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer VSM) ficha 1

(a) Absorbance spectrum of multiple quantum wells of MgZnO / ZnO in polarization p and s . (b) Ratio between the absorbances measured in polarization p and s as a function of the doping of the multiple quantum wells. The figures indicate the two-dimensional concentration of electrons in the well in each case. The samples were prepared as wave guides at 45 °. The peaks indicate the presence of absorption by multisubband plasmons.

Extracted from Montes Bajo et al. arXiv: 1703.07743


  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) Nicolet Magna IR 760 equipped with an IR and visible light lamp and three detectors: Si, DTGS and MCT.
  • Spectroscopic measurements in the range of25,000 to 400 cm -1 ( 4 to 25 μm).
  • Measurements of transmittance at different angles.
  • Possibility of purging the chamber with N2 gas to eliminate the absorption by gases of the atmosphere. Equipped with a He cryostat and ZnSe windows that allows to lower the temperature up to 11 K, designed for transmittance and photocurrent measurements.
  • FTIR Nicolet Magna IR 760