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ISOM belongs to the Spanish Cleanroom Micro and Nano Manufacturing Network which is part of the National Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructure (ICTS)


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Monday, 20 of Feb of 2017
Title: Seminar on security and safety rules to be applied in case of emergency within the ISOM laboratories
Speaker: Dr. Javier Martínez Rodrigo
Time: 11:30 hora
Place: Sala 206-1 Edificio López Araújo. ETSI de Telecomunicación. [How to get]

Monday, 6 of Feb of 2017
Title: Growth of Nitride-based Nanocolumn for Optical Device and Monolithic Integration of Si-MOSFET and GaN micro-LED
Speaker: Prof. Hiroto Sekiguchi (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Time: 12:00 hora
Place: Sala 206-1 Edificio López Araújo. ETSI de Telecomunicación. [How to get]

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Latest News

Friday, 10 of Feb of 2017
Marco activo de recursos de innovación docente de Madrid: Una guía de espacios e instituciones (ISOM-UPM) para actividades educativas complementarias en enseñanza secundaria. UCM. Santillana. Ver Pags. 378-379 guia adjunta para descargar.
Dra. Rocío Ranchal

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