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Sputtering systems

Sputtering 1

Sputtering system with 4 magnetrons (3 on a ternary system and 1 independent). It provides a loadlock and a rotary system where six samples can be sequentially exposed to the plasma. The sample are mounted vertically. A timer that stops the plasma in all the magnetrons when one of them looses the plasma, controls all the DC plasma sources. An automatic electrovalve controls the chamber Argon pressure. A RF source for the deposition of insulators is also available.

Sputtering 2

This system has 7 magnetron sources, 3 of them grouped for ternary growth and 2 for binary growth. The sample can be placed on a spinning wheel for the deposition of multilayers, up to 5 different materials. Alternatively, the sample holder could be a variable height rotating substrate for the deposition of ternary elements. The system can reach 10-8 mbars in 12 hours, and it allow 6 samples in each run, so it is ideal for large productions. All the magnetrons are situated on the flange. This gives large versatility to the system as changing the configuration would only require the design of a new flange.

Sputtering 3

This system has 3 magnetrons and a simple holder with a temperature controller. This holder allows the flow of liquid nitrogen through and it increases its temperature through a halogen lamp. The samples are mounted horizontally. The main purpose of the system is the deposition of magnetic and non-magnetic nanoparticles with any composition.

Sputtering 4

One magnetron reactive sputtering system and substrate heater to control and measure the temperature. The substrate heater can handle samples up to 7cm in diameter (about 3 inches) and can raise the sample temperature up to 950ÂșC. Horizontal placement of substrates and lateral access through a preload chamber. The system is dedicated exclusively to deposit aluminum nitride (AlN) which allows for high purity material and high C-axis orientation (necessary for piezoelectric applications).




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