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ISOM Center for Technology (ICTS) offers the use of its infrastructure to public and private, national and international, research institutions in "Competitive Open Access" mode. The CT-ISOM offers the technological capacity and research experience to the industrial sector and the academic community in activities involved in the detection, processing, transmission and storage of information through Optoelectronics and Microtechnology. The training of new professionals will take place collaborating in such research and development tasks.


There are two different ways to access services and technologies at ISOM:

  • Type 1: Processes carried out by technicians belonging to CT-ISOM
  • In this type of access the job is done by technicians specialized in the different technologies offered by CT-ISOM. This is the most efficient strategy as every technology has a technician with proved experience. These technicians will keep solicitor informed about the evolution of the job.

  • Type 2: Processes carried out by applicants
  • In this type of access the applicant is trained in the use of the equipment necessary to do the job in order to perform its processes independently. It has two objectives, formative and practical in the use of a particular equipment or technology.


Application requires sending an email to the CT-ISOM coordinator: E-mail should indicate the applicant's data along with the type of access mode and the application form. The coordinator of the CT-ISOM may contact the applicant to collect some further info and subsequently analyzes its feasibility and send all information to the Access Committee. The Access Committee is in charge of verifying the scientific and technological quality and the feasibility of the requests. It also prioritizes according to a process of public and transparent assessment. At all times the coordinator of the CT-ISOM informs the applicant about the status of the application.


Currently there is no opened call supported by MINECO to access CT-ISOM setting out deadlines for applications. However, the CT-ISOM has an unsupported opened call for permanent access.


Proposals will be evaluated by the Access Committee and prioritized on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Scientific/Technological quality
  2. Feasibility of the proposal at CT-ISOM
  3. Appropriate estimation for the execution time

The Access Committee will define how to proceed depending on the complexity, number and type of access requested. For example, access requests corresponding to R&D projects funded by the administration or a funding agency from a competitive call, both R&D European or National, is not necessary for the committee to evaluate the proposal according to criterion 1 (scientific quality). In this case, the application must include the access code and the associated project name as well as the source of funding.


Once the proposal is approved by the evaluation committee, the coordinator of the ICTS informs the applicant and the processes are defined and approximate deadlines are set.

  • Access Type 1 services will be done by CT-ISOM technicians under the supervision of the coordinator of the ICTS and the applicant does not need to be present.

  • Access Type 2 services require a training stage for the applicant researcher who will have to accept the rules concerning security and will have to prove its capacity in the use of the equipment requested. After getting a positive evaluation, the applicant researcher agreed with the coordinator of the ICTS about timing schedule.


In recent years, the MINECO has funded a number of ICTS services on the ICTS through GICSERV Access Program, funded directly by the Ministry. In this case one or two annual public calls are opened and specific procedures that apply to that calls are defined. In case the service is approved and within the limits specified in the calls funded, MINECO assumes payment of the activity for the applicant.

In case there are no GICSERV open calls, or requests do not correspond to the services covered by that call, payment will correspond to applicant. ICTS will notify the cost of the service which will have to be accepted by the applicant before proceeding (for all types of access).

Finally, researchers applying to the Ministry Plan of R&D can express their interest in the use of ICTS CT-ISOM at the time of placing their proposal. Costs derived from accessing the ICTS will be assumed by the applicant and can be perfectly justified in the project. It is also possible to request a deal about the cost of the service at the time of the project proposal.

If you are interested, you can send us:

  • Application Form, duly filled with a brief description of the work to be performed during the stay
  • Passport photocopy and CV of the researcher coming as an external user
  • Positive report from the Thesis supervisor, head of department or IP of the project (according to the type of access applied)

The complete documentation must be sent by e-mail to Javier Martínez Rodrigo. Once the application is evaluated by both, internal and external Committees of CT-ISOM, the applicant will be informed in person of the result of the evaluation and the access schedule.

For any doubt, question or suggestion, please, send us your opinion.

Dr. Javier Martínez Rodrigo
E. T. S. I. Telecomunicación (U. P. M.)
Ciudad Universitaria s/n
28040 Madrid

Tlfs.: 91 549 57 00 (ext. 4416)
Fax: 91 453 35 67




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