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ISOM Center for Technology (ICTS) (video)


The Institute for Systems based on Optoelectronics and Microtechnology (ISOM) is an interdepartmental research institution of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). ISOM was created on March 16th 2000 (BOCM March 28th 2000).

Since April 2002 ISOM is recognised as one of the Associated Units of the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas). The Cooperation Agreement with CSIC is a result of the close collaboration between ISOM and the IMB-CNM (Instituto de Microtecnología de Barcelona del Centro Nacional de Microtecnología del CSIC). The Centre for Technology of ISOM was awarded the recognition of "Gran Instalación Científica" (Major Scientific Facility) by the Spanish Major Scientific Facilities Committee on November 2001. Today these facilities are known as Infraestructura Científico-Tecnológica Singular (ICTS).

The (ICTS) are unique or exceptional facilities with investment and/or maintenance costs that are relatively large in relation to R&D investment budgets in the area in which their activities are centred and whose importance and strategic nature in terms of R&D justifies their accessibility to all R&D groups and society as a whole. The Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad coordinates activities relating to major scientific and technological facilities at state level and sets the priorities for action.

The CT-ISOM facilities are located in the basement of the López Araujo Building at the School of Telecommunication Engineering of UPM. These facilities include 400 m2 cleanrooms (100-1000 class), and 300 m2 of characterization and system development laboratories. In addition, there are areas devoted to Industrial Collaboration and Technology Transfer, as well as a specific office to manage the External Services. The centre is made up of a team of 13 researchers, 3 technicians and 1 administrative assistant. Its size, as well as its extensive experience in research during the last two decades, makes this team distinctively well suited for research and development activities. In fact, they have participated in numerous projects funded by the European Union.

The technology processes available at CT-ISOM allow the manufacture of materials, their technological processing, and the manufacture of integrated electronic, optoelectronic, optic and magnetic devices. At present, CT-ISOM has the capability to develop and manufacture laser diodes for instrumentation, environment and optical communications; microwave transistors for high power and temperature applications; infrared photodetectors for civil and military applications; ultraviolet photodetectors for UV solar radiation monitoring and military applications; magnetic sensors for a wide range of applications, and SAW filters for RF and mobile communications.




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