• Dr. Alicia Gonzalo Martín, has received the Margarita Salas Research Award 2021 for her doctoral thesis carried out at the Institute for Optoelectronic Systems and Microtechnology (ISOM) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The thesis was carried out in the PhD program in Electronic Systems Engineering (ETSIT) and supervised by the ISOM researcher and professor at the Materials Science Department (ETSICCP) Dr. Jose Maria Ulloa.  Basic sciences category:  Best thesis award, Alicia Gonzalo Martín, “Structures based on  GaAs(Sb)(N) semiconductor alloys for high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells”. You can watch the video of the awards gala on La Nave’s Youtube channel.

             You can see the contents of the Rector’s Resolution in the following link

  • Fernando Calle, Professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering at ETSIT, Researcher at ISOM. Project Award for Public-Private Collaboration for the SAVE project, INSPIRE UPM-REPSOL call. The quality of the Research of the ETSI of Telecommunications of the UPM, recognized by the concession to its professors and researchers of a good part of the Research prizes that the Polytechnic University of Madrid grants annually within the framework of the Santo Tomás de Aquino on 28.01.2021. You can download the news in this link
  • The ZOTERAC project receives the UPM award for international research. Professor Adrián Hierro, project coordinator, and current Director of ISOM, receives the award for the scientific relevance of the results achieved and their international impact. Links in UPM News and ISOM News. Published 28.01.2020
  • Dr. Carlos Angulo receives the UPM prize “Consolidation of research activity”. With this award, which is awarded for the first time, the Polytechnic University of Madrid recognizes its scientific contributions and its technological transfer. Links to UPM News and ISOM News.
Premiados y finalistas2
  • Dr. Carlos Angulo Barrios was selected by the BBVA Foundation to receive one of the Leonardo Scholarships for Researchers and Cultural Creators, reference PCAI 150920B338, 2015 – 2016
    “Adhesive, Flexible and low-cost optical connections”. It is currently part of the Leonardo Network:
  • Professor Claudio Aroca Hernández-Ros, “The Polytechnic University of Madrid, in a Rectoral resolution of December 21, 2017, has awarded the research prize to the director of ISOM, Professor Claudio Aroca Hernández-Ros, thus recognizing his brilliant career as a researcher at the UPM”, More information in the ISOM News section