Polymer-based waveguides and devices for photonic integrated circuits and sensing.

Ponente: Fernando J. Gordo Quiroga from CEMDATIC.
Día: 03/02/2023.
Hora: 10:00am.
Lugar: Room B-223. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación UPM
The aim of this talk is to show polymer materials as a valid alternative to existing platforms for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) manufacture. Polymers are inexpensive compared with inorganic materials and the production process presented here can be potentially adapted to fast and cost-effective microfabrication methods, such as roll-to-roll or nanoimprint lithography. The compatibility of polymer-based integrated waveguides and devices with operation in the visible range and combination with flexible thin-film substrates, makes them a promising option to consider for the next PICs generation. Its impact will be superior in non-traditional fields, such as biosensing, in which inorganic materials have predominated so far and devices are designed to operate in the same wavelength bands historically used in telecommunications.