Development of tunable LC devices.

Ponente:  D. Javier Pereiro García from CEMDATIC.
Día: 13/01/2023.
Hora: 10:00am.
Lugar: Room B-223. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación UPM.
The use of tunable optical devices is of great interest in numerous applications, such as space communications, autofocusing systems or laser machining. Liquid crystals (LC) could be used for the realization of these devices, enabling the modification of their effective refractive index in response to the applied electric field. Thus, LC devices are electronically reconfigurable without requiring moving parts. In this work, a series of non-mechanical phase-only devices are presented, including a beam steerer capable of redirecting a light beam or a reconfigurable axicon. These devices have been manufactured using Direct Laser Writing Technique (DLW) leading to devices with high fill factor.