Monitoring liquid dynamics on the chip-scale.

Ponente: Prof. Borislav Hinkov from TU Wien. Institute of Solid State Electronics & Center for Micro- and Nanostructures.
Día: 16/12/2022.
Hora: 10:00am
Lugar: Room B-223. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación UPM.
Monitoring gases and liquids in the mid-IR spectral range is a very sensitive and selective technique for molecule analysis. However, probing dynamical processes in liquids like chemical reactions or conformational changes is often still limited to bulky sensor systems, requiring time consuming offline analytics. This work will present a photonic integration concept, enabling miniaturized liquid sensors with specifically tailored characteristics for dynamical measurements. The combination of samewavelength mid-IR quantum cascade laser and detector (QCLD) devices with novel surface-sensitive mid-IR plasmonic waveguides, unlocks the realization of monolithic lab-on-a-chip sensors for the chemical analysis of liquids. They are further optimized by enhancing the plasmonic sensing section and e.g. increasing its spectral bandwidth or implementing functionalization to address specific molecules. In the final part, new pathways for plasmonic beam guiding along the chip surface are presented. They enable much more complex chip-scale mid-IR photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and networks for applications in advanced liquid spectroscopy and mid-IR free space telecommunication.