Electroacoustic sensors and their functionalization for air quality monitoring in harsh environments.

Ponente: D. José Manuel Carmona Cejas.

Organismo: CEMDATIC.

Fecha: 18 de Noviembre 2022.

Hora:  10.00 hora.

Lugar: Sala B-223, ETSIT-UPM.


Our society needs to face huge problems such as climate change and pollution that represent big threats to public health and to our environment, hence the need of designing and fabricating devices that could be able to detect and quantify some of the most representative chemical species related to these issues. In this talk, we are going to talk about how piezoelectric devices, and more specifically Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBARs), could be an interesting technology to fabricate gas sensors intended to detect a wide variety of chemical species under harsh conditions and a brief approach on their design and fabrication techniques.