A novel design of a racetrack memory based on functional segments

Ponente: Dr. Javier Rial.

Organismo: Instituto de Sistemas Optoelectrónicos y Microtecnología (ISOM), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Fecha: 17 de Diciembre 2021.

Hora:  10.00 hora.

Lugar: Sala B-222, ETSIT-UPM.


A racetrack memory is a device where the information is stored as magnetic domains (bits) along a nanowire (track). To read and record the information, the bits are moved along the track by current pulses until they reach the reading/writing heads. In particular, 3D racetrack memory devices use arrays of vertically aligned wires (tracks), thus enhancing storage density. In this work, we propose a novel 3D racetrack memory configuration based on functional segments inside cylindrical nanowire arrays. The use of selective magnetic segments inside one nanowire allows the creation of writing and storage sections inside the sametrack, separated by chemical constraints identical to those separating the bits.