The epitaxial growth of InAs/GaAs quantum dots for optoelectronic devices

Ponente: D. Lazar Stanojevic.

Organismo: Instituto de Sistemas Optoelectrónicos y Microtecnología (ISOM), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Fecha: 3 de diciembre 2021

Hora:  10.00 hora.

Lugar: Sala B-222, ETSIT-UPM.


Quantum dots (QDs), which are usually seen as artificial atoms (nanocrystals, zero-dimensional nanostructures) in general have attracted a lot of attention of the scientific community due to, on one hand, a wide range of possibilities to tune their optical and other properties, and on the other hand, their incredibly diverse potential for applications that includes biology and medicine, so as optoelectronics, or more specifically, LEDs, laser diodes, single electron transistors (SETs), quantum computing, displays, photodetectors, photovoltaics etc.. Apart from colloidal QDs, which are more commonly studied, the epitaxially grown semiconductors InAs/GaAs QDs have been specially investigated for optoelectronic applications. Here I present the key tunability features and the most recent breakthroughs in InAs QD tunability, so as their potential applications in the field of photovoltaics.