Hybrid lighting and photovoltaic devices

Speaker: Rubén D. Costa, IMDEA Materials Institute, Erik Kandel 2, Getafe, 28906, Spain e-mail: ruben.costa@imdea.org.

Day:  31-01-2020.
Hour: 12:00 .
Place: C-206.1, ETSIT-UPM.

Short curriculum vitae.

Dr. Ruben D. Costa, is the head of the Hybrid Optoelectronic Materials and Devices lab at IMDEA Materials Institute (Spain) and associate professor at the U. Waseda (Japan). His research encompasses from the design and preparation of new hybrid materials to their use in optoelectronic devices for energy- and medical-related applications. He has reported more than 120 scientific publications/books/patents and has been recipient of more than 30 awards/mentions/fellowships. 


Hybrid organic-inorganic optoelectronics are heralded as the next generation of lighting and photovoltaic technologies. In this context, our efforts encompass three main actions, namely the development of suitable third generation of electroluminescent materials for ionic-based lighting devices, the application of nanocarbon-based hybrids in solar cells and lighting devices, and the development of bio-components for lighting, energy conversion, and diagnostic applications.