Nano-structured optoelectronic devices

Ponente: Dr Sudha Mokkapati

Organismo: The School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University. UK.

Light absorption and emission characteristics of nano-structured semiconductors are very different to bulk semiconductors. I aim to leverage nanotechnology to invoke the non-conventional light – semiconductor nanostructure interaction phenomenon for demonstrating optoelectronic devices with superior performance characteristics compared to conventional devices. I will give a brief overview of how semiconductor nanostructures can enable efficient lasers and solar cells. I will discuss our recent results on III-V semiconductor nanowire based lasers and solar cells.

Fecha: lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2018
Hora: 12:00 Horas
Lugar: Sala C-206.1 de la ETSI de Telecomunicaciones de la UPM [Cómo llegar]

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